Redirecting the fibroblast-immune conversation to develop impactful therapies for patients

Mestag is an immunotherapy company harnessing new insights into fibroblast-immune cell interactions to develop innovative treatments for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Through our unique understanding of fibroblast biology, we are advancing a pipeline of first-in-class tailored antibody programs and exploring innovative targets for new treatments.

New approaches are urgently needed
We are working with urgency towards a future in which the 50-70 percent of cancer patients who fail to respond to checkpoint inhibitors, and the 60 percent of patients with inflammatory disease who fail to achieve durable clinical remission can benefit from immunotherapies.


Developing new therapies for patients with cancer and inflammatory disease

Oncology: Activated fibroblasts play important roles in shaping the tumor environment and depending on context, may inhibit or stimulate potent anti-tumor immune responses in cancer.

Our oncology programs are aimed at unleashing the body’s immune responses to fight cancer by boosting immune cell infiltration and improving immune cell function. Our goal is to develop highly effective new antibody-based treatments for patients with solid tumors not well served by current therapeutic approaches.

Inflammatory disease: In inflammatory disease we are focused on targeting central inflammatory pathways to shut down pathogenic immune responses and promote resolution of inflammation.

Our sophisticated antibody therapeutics aim to dampen pro-inflammatory processes of both the innate and adaptive immune system to develop therapies that lead to lasting remission for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


Exploring new therapeutic targets

At Mestag, our teams are working on new targets that could lead to innovative future therapeutics. We do this in-house and together with our partner, Janssen Biotech, Inc.

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